Andrew Welsby
Binary: pencil on paper, 190 x 140cm, 2013

Binary, pencil on paper, 190x140cm (2013) © Andrew Welsby

Andrew Welsby is a visual artist based in Scotland, currently working with video, performance, photography and machine made art.


Welsby is interested in the construction of identities within local, national and global communities, using a theoretical framework drawn from Cybernetics and Postcolonial theories. Specifically he focuses on the construction of asymetrical identity relationships where hegemony and myth are the constructing orders. His current practice creates autonomous drawing machines from modified and re-purposed children’s toys, drawing upon theories of ‘post-expert’ and detournement making visable the deconstruction of traditional power structures, asking where the 'self' is situated in comparison to the 'other'. Using a system based approach, Welsby's machines make drawings which either help visualise some of the Cybernetics and Postcolonial theories found in his research, or suggest parallel courses of investigation.






An Exhibition of new Sculptural works, Launch of ZEROZINE 2 - End of History Edition


All histories converged on 16th October 2015. Zeroed is a return to naught, an end times and has inspired these artists to work together using the concept of NOW as a ZERO time, a moment of reset and crossroads for the future. Luxembourg, Eaton, Welsby and Cooper exhibited works in response to this crossroads. read more...

Creativity and Cognition 2015

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ACM Creativity and Cognition is a biennial conference and exhibition held in a different international centre each time. This year Glasgow School of Art and City of Glasgow hosted the conference. I was responsible for organising the local exhibition in the marvellous gym which sits atop the Charles Oakley Building in Glasgow's city centre.


I was also honoured to have work chosen and to be published in the proceedings of this internationally esteemed gathering. read more...

Art of the Matter, A group show held at Edinburgh's Urbane Art Gallery as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festval.


The Urbane Gallery, Edinburgh’s dynamic and leading edge art gallery, is taking part in this year’s International Science Festival, featuring the work of artists who have made use of science or technology for the making of their artwork.


Artists taking part in the exhibition, which is entitled ’Art Of The Matter’, include the award-winning Scottish artist Andrew Welsby, who makes fascinating drawings out of 'hacked toys'.The children toys have been converted to create... read more...

Urbane Art One Year Anniversary, A group show held at Edinburgh's Urbane Art Gallery


System Self Assembly Welsby's wooden system works were part of a group show in Edinburgh's Urbane Art Gallery. System Self Assembly (2015) is a small part of the final physical manifestation of a year long process situating himself at the center of an anthropological investigation of Glasgow’s landscape. The intention was to focus on his surroundings in new and different ways by creating a system for observing, and feeding back observed information. Thus creating a visual based analysis of the environment. read more...




Zero Zine: Sketches of Another Future/ Transparent Redaction.


ZEROZINE is an arts and theory zine that draws its title from the book titled Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher. Initiated and edited by El Santo, the publication aims to critique current political trends, and contends some contemporary art movements. In Fishers book, he describes the possibility of now...our current times, as zero hour - the end of capitalism, humanity, the socialist democratic dream of the future or simply an end of participatory existence. Zerosine is a point of departure for art that response to this with urgency and play. Zerosine is an antidote to work...Aert till death (El Santo, 2015). . read more...




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