Postcolonial Cybernetics

Postcolonial Cybernetics


This research examines the issue of Scottish national identity using a theoretical framework drawn from Cybernetics and Postcolonial theories. Specifically it focuses on the construction of the historical relationship between Scotland and England through the process of manufacturing myth. I show that the relationship with England has played a role in authoring past models of Scottish identity, which can be examined using Cybernetics as a methodology. The project is informed by both an academic and practice-based approach, and is structured around the results of an online pilot survey, and a range of focus groups, exemplifying the Cybernetics nature of the research.


The studio practice creates autonomous drawing machines from modified and re-purposed children’s toys, drawing upon theories of ‘post-expert’, ‘hacktavism’ and detournement. Using a system based approach, the machines make drawings which either help visualise some of the Cybernetics theories used in the research, or suggest parallel courses of investigation.


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