90 seconds

90 seconds


Developing upon a long practice of live non-linear video performance, started in the late 1990's, Welsby experimented with narrative film making starting in the mid 2000's. In a collaboration with writer and historian, Thora Hands, Welsby tackled complex social issues in a series of short films lasting 90 seconds or less. Magical Thinking explored the world through the eyes of an autistic child, and was nominated for an award at the Watershed film festival in 2008. The short film went on to be screened at the New York Childrens Film Festival and was highly praised by the National Autism Society in the UK. Encouraged by it's success, Welsby and Hands went on to collaborate with emerging film maker Kevin McIntyre and actor Bryan Larkin to produce a challanging short, Song to the Siren, adapting a biographic tale of child abuse. A Taste of Medicine is a frank account of alcohol addiction and subsequent treatment narrated and part-written by the subject.


Magical Thinking, Digital Video, 1min 28 secs, (2008) © Andrew Welsby

Song to the Siren, Digital Video, 1min 30 secs, (2009) © Andrew Welsby

A Taste of Medicine, Digital Video, 1min 27 secs, (2009) © Andrew Welsby

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