News > ZEROED: 16th October 2015: 60 St Enoch Square


ZEROED is a temporary show of artworks and ideas situated in Glasgow’s St. Enoch Square. Continuing with the city’s tradition of ‘pop-up’ events in disused commercial and industrial spaces, the artists, Jamie Cooper, David Eaton, Ellis Luxembourg and Andrew Welsby have installed their latest works in a corner office space on one of Glasgow’s busiest thoroughfares.


This unique show imagines that ZEROED is a return to naught: the end of the socio-democratic dream of the future; the end of the capitalist utopia. Inspired by what each of these artists claim was the end of capitalism in 2008, the artists have worked together using the concept of NOW as a ZERO time. Believing that the NOW is a moment of reset and crossroads for the future, the artists respond to contemporary debates centered on the denial of history and its insidious un-knowledge of human beings failure to exist.


Advancing upon Debord's Society of the Spectacle (1967) the work in ZEROED begins to communicate the failings of communism and capitalism, and their failure to free the common man and woman. The Beaurocrats and the Bourgeoisie have equally suppressed and oppressed any kind of realised existence. ZEROED believes in breaking history through aspiration, and like Debord, believe in the liberation of play as a weapon.


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