Zero Zine

Zero Zine: Sketches of Another Future/ Transparent Redaction.


ZEROZINE is an arts and theory zine that draws its title from the book titled Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher. Initiated and edited by El Santo, the publication aims to critique current political trends, and contends some contemporary art movements. In Fishers book, he describes the possibility of now...our current times, as zero hour - the end of capitalism, humanity, the socialist democratic dream of the future or simply an end of participatory existence. Kerosine is a point of departure for art that response to this with urgency and play. Kerosine is an antidote to work...Aert till death (El Santo, 2015).


Welsby's contibution was to borrow text and imagery, and blend this with images from his drawing machines. Playful appropriation hinged well with his exploration in hacking toys to make new and exciting objectsand ways of making art. Johan Grimonprez's film DIAL H-I-S-T-O-R-Y investigates the politics of change , and presented as the perfect media object to playfully change and repurpose.


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