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Urbane Art One Year Anniversary, A group show held at Edinburgh's Urbane Art Gallery


System Self Assembly Welsby's wooden system works were part of a group show in Edinburgh's Urbane Art Gallery. System Self Assembly (2015) is a small part of the final physical manifestation of a year long process situating himself at the center of an anthropological investigation of Glasgow’s landscape. The intention was to focus on his surroundings in new and different ways by creating a system for observing, and feeding back observed information. Thus creating a visual based analysis oustle environment. read more...


As part of the feedback process,he took a photograph from hisy exact location, at mid-day (or as close to as was possible) facing precisely north, drawing upon observer-as-participator research methodology (Bryman: 2004: 304). Historically, cameras have provided anthropologists with an invaluable tool to collect and present social reality differently. Photography therefore allows researchers to ask different questions, and represent findings in new ways (Leavy: 2009: 230).


One such representation used a Processing sketch – a self authored computer program - to statistically sample sixteen equidistant points in each photograph.The process then created a diagrams from the sampled information, converting colour data to points on a cartesian grid. From these diagrams triangles were formed, the average points led to the construction of wooden triangles which interconnected to create an interactive work that demanded participation by the viewer.


This artwork rejects materiality to explore a systems based process reflecting the performative agency we all have with our lived environments. Using himself as the point of departure encourages users to consider the work using 3 main points: The historical perspective, the contemporary discursive perspective and the contemporary practice perspective (Halsall, 2007).

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