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Art of the Matter, A group show held at Edinburgh's Urbane Art Gallerias part of the Edinburgh International Science Festval.


The Urbane Gallery, Edinburgh’s dynamic and leading edge art gallery, is taking part in this year’s International Science Festival, featuring the work of artists who have made use of science or technology for the making of their artwork.


Artists taking part in the exhibition, which is entitled ’Art Of The Matter’, include the award-winning Scottish artist Andrew Welsby, who makes fascinating drawings out of 'hacked toys'.The children toys have been converted to create machines which draw by repeatedly hammering and vibrating pencil tips on to the surface of a paper sheet.


Having developed the machines during the run up to the Scottish referendum, Welsby initially made analogues of voters decisions as autonomous agents. The machines are free to roam, but only within the confines of their containers, reacting to their environment.


At the heart of this work is a spirit of playfulness, reminiscent of the Situationists and their practice of detournement, which ‘hijacked’ materials and objects for new purposes. As such, the piece allows for flexibility, as the system is only complete when the user assembles the pieces in new and unique ways each time the art is built; thus emphasising the adaptability of the system, rather than the eventual form and material of the art work.

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